plan b logestics services for fire fighting equipment  


First Service

Fire Extinguisher Services 

Refill and maintanance off : all type and size of fire extinguishers Dry powder , CO2 , Foam , Halon alternatives .

    Second service

    Fire systems services

      Fix and maintanance of : Fire pumping systems , Destribution systems both WET AND DRY , and Foam systems .



    Third Service

    Fire alarm systems

    Fix and maintanance of  : Conventinal  and Analogue adressable systems and the compenents of the systems ( heat and smoke dedectores , call points , or sprinkler systemes ) .


     Fifth service 

    Annual , regular inspection and maintanace programs 

    Ready to make regular maintanance or tests  and inspection of FIREFIGHTING  SYSTEMS  , FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS , FIRE EXTINGUISHERS in annual bases .

    Fourth Service

    Supply fire fighting equipment

    All type and, size of fire extinguisher (Portable, Mobile, low Pressure, High Pressure) Dry Powder, CO2, foam, water, Halon alternatives, FM200, FE22 FE3b

    • Fire Hoses reels and Cabinets
    • Fire hydrant (all types)
    • Fire Fighting Pumps set (all types & size)
    • Booster pump sets
    • Dry & wet Riser Equipment
    • All type of valves
    • Sprinkler system
    • Fire alarm system (Analogue, addressable & Conventional)
    • Emergency Lighting system
    • Fire detection system
    • Foam system
    • Fm 200 fire suppression system (halon 1301 alternative)
    • CO2 Extinguisher system
    • Wet chemical kitchen hood system
    • Auto extinguishing system
    • Fire blanket and, safety equipment
    • Fire, water and irrigation hoses
    • Fire hose synthetic 15" and 25"
    • Water Sprinkler systems